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The 8 Year Old Botox Girl

At this point pretty much everyone knows about the story of 8 year old Britney Campbell whose Mom proudly boasted that she was giving her beauty pageant attending daughter Botox injections.

There has recently been some speculation made about if the girl is still in her mother’s custody or even if the whole thing was just a hoax. Regardless, it’s an important opportunity to be reminded that Botox, like all other cosmetic enhancements and procedures, should only be performed by a respected, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Botox, when used correctly on an adult who is showing common signs of aging, and when administered by a board-certified professional who has examined the adult and determined that they could safely benefit from Botox and achieve the results they desire, can be a positive thing. Learn more about Botox and contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. John Bitner.

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