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Latisse Salt Lake City - Eyelash Enhancement Utah

Latisse was originally developed as a medication used for elevated pressure in the eye. The medication was effective, but a side-effect of the medication was excessive eyelash growth. This “side-effect” was further studied. Direct application of the medication to the lashes was found to be very effective at producing longer and fuller lashes.

How is the medication applied? The medication is applied to brushes provided in the package. The brushes are then used to apply the medication to the upper eyelid lash line only. The lower lid lashes will also grow with Latisse use, as the medication transfers from the upper to the lower lash line.

Are there risks to using Latisse? The most widely published complication with using Latisse is discoloration of the iris, usually brown streaks appearing in persons with blue eyes. When this occurs, it can be permanent. While this complication was seen during use of this medication for glaucoma, it has not been seen with application to the eyelashes only. Common side-effects include itching and redness of the eyelid. This risk of discoloration, pigmentation and infection are all possible, but are rarely seen.

How long does it take for the lashes to grow? Growth usually starts about 2 weeks after using the medication and gradually gets fuller and thicker. As long as the medication is used, the lashes will continue to thicken and lengthen. Once the medication use is stopped, the lashes will return to the pre-treatment length.

How much does the medication cost? Please contact our office for price and first-time patient discount information.

Does insurance cover Latisse? No

Where can Latisse be purchased? Dr. Bitner is an authorized distributor of Latisse. An appointment must be scheduled in order to purchase Latisse.

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